jba Technology

With JBA’s clients spread across the globe, we have based our offices in the US, France and India, to cater to the needs of our clients in the US, Europe and Asia region, on a professional and personalized basis.

Our vast pool of resources and skilled employees specializing in Domain, Technology and Project Management in areas of finance, insurance, retail, gaming etc as well as other cutting edge technologies, offer a wide spectrum of IT services.

Our Essential Difference

At JBA, our strength lies in the ability to execute our clients IT projects with good understanding of their business domain. Our advanced processes and procedures enable our customers to track the progress of their project by continuously monitoring the quality and delivery of the work product as well as to track the performance of the delivery team by referring to the statistical Metrics provided to them by JBA.


JBA Technical Expertise

  • Data Warehousing - For most businesses today, if there is a single key to survival, it is being able to analyze, plan and react to fast changing conditions quickly and efficiently. To do this, managers and analysts need information.
  • Java / J2EE - JBA’s expertise lies in developing multi-tiered applications that are accessible through a web browser, are developed on the leading application servers and are built on the industry leading database including DB2, Oracle and SQL Server.
  • Microsoft .NET - JBA specializes in providing services for a wide-range of windows as well as web-based .Net applications including E-commerce, Content Management Systems, and Office Automation for our customers.
  • IBM Mainframe - JBA has significant experience in Developing, Enhancing and Supporting critical business applications for multinational financial services companies.