Software Sizing

Software Sizing

Software-SizingSizing is a critical aspect of managing and controlling project delivery. The importance of having an accurate software sizing mechanism has a direct impact on the efficiency of how you utilize your resources and how you manage your budgets.

Additionally, accurate sizing allows you to manage effectively requirements definition and scope. Equally important is the sizing methodology that you employ to ensure that the measurement process provides a sound basis for making informed decisions.

JBA has been at the forefront of sizing projects in the IT industry for over a decade - many of our consultants have over 10 years’ hands on experience in industry. We can assist you in selecting, tailoring, and implementing the right sizing measure for your organization.

Our industry leadership in various sizing and benchmarking associations assures that you will always be dealing with knowledgeable, accredited and highly qualified consultants. As part of JBA’s commitment to your success we always go beyond the measurement process and provide consulting recommendations to support your goal of producing on time, on budget IT projects.

JBA provides a rich set of software sizing services including:

  • Function Point Counting and Mentoring
  • Function Point Auditing for Internal Sourcing and External Outsourcing
  • Function Point Base lining for Portfolio Management
  • Use Case Point counting and auditing
  • Software Estimation Consulting