Software Estimation

Software Estimation

Software-EstimationSoftware development costs are significant. And yet for 25 years now, 200 to 300 per cent cost over-runs and up to 100 percent time slippages have been common, frequent, almost universal.

It would seem that software development had no pattern, no process, no methodology, or no characteristic behaviors.

JBA software estimation experts are available to work with your project or organization to both create estimates for projects and put in place the infrastructure necessary to support successful data collection.

With the possible exception of software requirements, the area of software estimation is probably the most talked about and yet least understood of all software development practices.

Project predictability and visibility are impossible without a solid project estimate. A useable estimate supports business-based tradeoffs between the desired schedule, the expected feature set, and the effort needed to build the product. It enables solid project planning and control to achieve the desired results. Projects without a solid estimate are commonly delivered late, over budget, and/or without the desired feature set.

Some of the ways that JBA help project teams with estimation include:

JBA Software Estimation

Estimate Creation

A realistic estimate is one of the key ingredients to software project success. It reduces schedule pressure, development errors, and supports project predictability and control. JBA experts use a wide range of estimation techniques. JBA can help your project team create an estimate of the project effort, schedule, and cost. Working together we help your team to avoid the pitfalls that can impede your project’s success.

JBA Software Review

Estimate Reviews

JBA experts can review your estimate to ensure it accurately reflects the current scope and state of the project. We’ll help you determine how to feed back information from the project into your estimation process to obtain better estimates. We can establish how your project should track the actual schedule and effort to understand if it is on track.