Program Assessment

Program Assessment

Program-AssessmentFor various reasons, it is important for organizations to contract an objective third party to review and assess one or more in-progress IT projects.

JBA performs project assessments and capability and maturity evaluations, using best practice methodologies as well as the latest tools. JBA has performed project assessments for large and small IT organizations in a number of industries, including insurance, investment banking, retail and entertainment.

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Project assessments may include evaluation and analysis of the following areas:

  • Project governance; stakeholders, process, timing and criteria
  • Project management process; phases, elements and steps, inputs, actions, outputs, handoffs
  • Documentation process and requirements: outputs, responsibilities, frequency, format
  • Project reporting; frequency, format, responsibilities
  • Project personnel; awareness, ability, team management, selection
  • Process application measurement; measures, timing, reporting
  • Project results measurement; project outcomes, user satisfaction, team effectiveness
  • Project budgeting; methods, responsibilities, planned vs. actual
  • Project communication; formal, informal and status review meetings
  • Project management infrastructure; systems, equipment and facilities
  • Project capacity and prioritization; resource utilization and prioritization criteria
  • Project knowledge management; how it is captured, shared and used

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JBA deliverable from project assessments typically include:

  • A detailed picture of what is really happening on the project.
  • Recommendations for ongoing enhancement of the project environment.
  • Assessment tools and suggestions for project management performance enhancements, capabilities and maturity.