Information Offsite Development has grown tremendously over the past years. It significantly reduces costs, allowing for rapid deployment, access to new technologies and skills, boosting productivity, increasing flexibility, and improving performance. In addition, offsite development enables your organization to increase ROI, save money and provide you access to best-in-class practices and services. JBA has the knowledge, skills and experience you need to properly craft and unleash an Offsite Development relationship to leverage the benefits of Offsite Development and cut costs. Increase flexibility, improve performance and permit a better focus on core competencies to aid in executing new and innovative ideas for your organization's success.

JBA's offshore consulting base is spread across multiple locations. In addition to its headquarters in Pasadena, California, JBA has large offshore delivery centers at Bangalore and Chennai in India. Growing these centers at two locations rather than one has allowed us the advantages of being able to access the large pools of technical talent available at these two key cities, and also create a business continuity configuration for the office infrastructure that we use to deliver client services from offshore.

All our centers are our own fully-owned facilities that are equipped with the most modern IT and communications infrastructure. They also have complete network integration with our office in the USA.

E-Business Offsite Development

As enterprises concentrate on improving company focus, globalization and controlling operating costs, Offsite Development is employed as a standard business practice across every industry large and small. Accordingly, it seems natural for executives to seek out e-Business Offsite Development strategies to gain access to best-of-breed capabilities and resources not available internally. In the e-Business Offsite Development track, you'll learn how to capitalize on e-Commerce opportunities for your business and focus on how to benefit from the rewards and to mitigate the risks associated with e-Business.

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Process Outsourcing

There are many constraints that come with implementing separate aspects of a business. One of the biggest struggles for corporations is incorporating new programs with limited funds and people. This results in limited ability to hire the right team of people and puts a cap on productivity.

Business Partners

For over a decade, JBA has partnered with different companies in efforts to improve business processes.

Our strength in managing BPO uses JBA’s strength in staffing, technology management and consulting expertise. The results speak best for themselves with improved processes, successful outcomes and business solutions.

We are proactive in our partnerships, we will be present at your meetings, communicate with you as often as you feel comfortable with. We work together in a hassle free method of providing transparency and openness in our business practice together.
Many of the projects taken offshore fail quickly for lack of transparency, mismanagement, and a lack of resources. JBA offshore locations have talents from the best colleges and companies in India, with modern facilities, high power supplies and offsite back of client work.

JBA onshore management has over ten years experience managing offshore projects, with six years of them managing the Bangalore location.

Our process starts with carefully vetting project managers to oversee the development in Bangalore, choosing the best candidate for the job. These offshore managers are paired with onshore managers, and together they are tasked with establishing a communication regime which starts with daily team meetings and ends with client status meetings scheduled at the frequency desired by the client. Our management team has established methodologies for documentation, prototyping, release management, and QA testing.

Application Outsourcing

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and its close relative Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO) are both viable options for sending parts of your business offshore to enjoy the savings both in salaries and overhead. KPO, the more sophisticated of the two, is the employment of professional level workers performing complex analyses from medical doctors reading X-Rays to accountants preparing annual statements to financial analysts assessing investment strategies. BPOs refer mainly to the creation of large call centers or other facilities requiring a less educated staff, such as medical transcription or insurance claim review.

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