IT Consulting

IT Consulting

Technology is dynamic and works to support business and drive new business forward. It’s interactive and evolving, companies that don’t keep up, stay behind. JBAI helps clients through consultation on integrating technology, retiring old tech, and product suites to purchase to help the business thrive.

JBAI can help with:

  1. Working alongside your in house business and technology team to create a plan to help you achieve your technology goals
  2. Run a project for you offshore to free up your employers to work on more pressing projects.
  3. Customize a solution for your needs. A look through our Engagement Model demonstrates the flexibility we use in servicing clients.

IT consulting

UPS saved millions of dollars per year by determining that UPS truck drivers should not backup their trucks unless absolutely necessary, that they should have a keyless way to start their cars, and continually striving to increase the amount of trips drivers make in a day. But where are the people to help companies find more ways of saving money. JBAI’s consultants come from a wide variety background in Business Analytics: Data scientists, statisticians, economists, and data gurus who will ask the right questions of your business to help you get the data to save you thousands or millions of dollars a year by improving your business process.