In today's world, major organizations are required to be aggressive in responding to changes in consumer needs and efficiently manage operations to control IT spending. For most, this translates into standardizing on one set of Business Intelligence tools. As Meta Group observes: "Proliferating business intelligence tools, with overlapping functionality, are a common problem in large organizations." According to Gartner: "The average number of BI users today is expected to jump 50% in the next two years." Standardization on BI tools is the only way in which to economically support this new group of users.

InformationWeek Research states the most effective technology steps companies have made in the past 12 months includes deployed business intelligence tools second only to increased network bandwidth. Most importantly, the lack of standardized BI tools hinders organizations from achieving the benefits of effective business intelligence. At JBA, our highly customized consultant team has extensive knowledge and experience across all industries. Our mission is to provide our clients with breakthrough business insight and assist them in identifying new growth opportunities.

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