IBM Mainframe

IBM Mainframe

Over 90 percent of Large Business setups around the globe use mainframe system as the primary backend due to its ability to handle large volumes of data with ease.

These mainly include the financial services industry comprising of Banks, Investment Banking firms and Insurance companies. To handle applications on these systems need a considerable amount of Business knowledge and technical expertise. JBA has a great deal of expertise in these areas combined with the domain expertise needed to serve its clients in the best possible way.


mainframe server JBA has significant experience in Developing, Enhancing and Supporting critical business applications for multinational financial services companies.

JBA team is currently involved in supporting and enhancing a large mainframe based insurance applications at our client place as well as in our offshore development center for a large U.S. Insurance company. The platform includes the IBM Mainframe, COGEN General Insurance System, DB2 Database, Changeman, XEDITOR debugging tool etc..

Tool Expertise

  • PMS
  • DB2, SPUFI
  • MQ series
  • Changeman
  • Jobtrac


  • Data Conversion
  • Application Migration
  • Production Support
  • Product Maintenance
  • Application Development
  • Application Support and Maintenance
  • Application Environment Management

Download the JBAI Mainframe Competency document