Functional Testing

Functional Testing

functional-testing JBA’s Functional testing framework includes designing Test routines carefully to ensure that appropriate levels of functional test coverage are achieved in the application. JBA functional testing service ensures that the application meets the functional requirements and performs as expected by the business.

It calls for clear definitions of business criticality, identification of end-to-end functionality, and identification of internal interfaces.
JBA’s Independent functional testing framework checks for:

  • Applications are doing what it’s supposed to do? Functional Testing services
  • Application modifications behave as it is intended? - Regression Testing
  • Does all the subsystems complying with specifications? - Component Testing
  • Critical business functions are performed? - Risk-Based Testing

Also when required, we do have to check whether application work well on other platforms and configurations through Compatibility Testing.

Clients that take advantage of JBA’s competence in independent functional testing quickly benefit from fewer testing cycles with predictable, repeatable results. Overall, they will enjoy lower test costs because resources are utilized better.