Data Warehousing

Data Warehousing

DatabaseFor most businesses today, if there is a single key to survival, it is being able to analyze, plan and react to fast changing conditions quickly and efficiently. To do this, managers and analysts need information. Despite huge strides taken by information technology in the form of good business practices and better computing, it is true that the key decision makers can’t get their hands on the critical data that already exists within the organization.

Data that is timely, accurate, complete and secure supports better decision-making. This is essential for compliance with government regulations and it reduces risks caused by uneven data quality.

Banks, insurance companies and other financial institutions constantly look for creative and innovative ways to serve their customers and to make better decisions. Decision-makers need to be able to access all possible information about their customers’ transactions and behavior patterns. When analyzed properly this can provide significant insights into the banking business and provide a powerful way to base business decisions.

JBA’s team of Data Warehousing professionals, help our clients define and put into place the processes, people and technology to manage data effectively throughout its life-cycle.

JBA Capabilities


  • Data acquisition
  • Managed query and reporting environments development
  • OLAP interface and decision support development
  • Web-enablement of data marts and data warehouses
  • Tools evaluation and bench-marking
  • Functional prototype development
  • Data extraction cleansing and loading

JBA Tool Expertise

Tool Expertise

  • Oracle
  • DB2
  • Business Objects
  • Crystal Reports
  • Cognos
  • Informatica