Corporate Performance Management

Corporate Performance Management

Coporate-PerformanceCorporate Performance Management (CPM) involves consolidation of data from various sources, querying and analysis of the data, and putting the results into practice. CPM enhances processes by creating better feedback loops. Continuous and real-time reviews help to identify and eliminate problems before they grow. CPM's planning and forecasting capabilities assist companies to take corrective action in time to meet earnings projections.

CPM includes key performance indicators (KPIs) that help companies monitor efficiency of projects and employees against strategic and operational goals. JBA possesses a proven track record in successfully designing and delivering projects across multiple industries addressing all aspects of CPM. Our CPM approach is predicated on maximizing business value and minimizing time to delivery by delivering functionality within a CPM Framework:

JBAI's Corporate Performance Management Offerings - 360kb pdf

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In modern businesses, increasing standards, automation, and technologies have led to vast amounts of data becoming available. Decision support technologies have established repositories to store this data. Improved ETL and more recently enterprise application integration tools have increased the timely collecting of data. Multi-dimensional reporting technologies have enabled flexible generation of new reports and views into the business. Business intelligence has now become the art of processing large amounts of data, extracting useful information, and turning that information into actionable knowledge.

In 1989 Howard Dresner, a research analyst at Gartner, popularized "Business Intelligence" as an umbrella term to describe a set of concepts and methods to improve business decision making by using fact-based support systems.

Corporate Performance Management is built on a foundation of BI, and expands the Gartner definition to include the planning and monitoring aspects of the enterprise by including planning, forecasting and modeling capabilities delivered as part of a closed loop framework.

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  • JBA brings a wealth of experience - our professional staff is accomplished in strategy, design, execution and delivery of all CPM functionality.
  • JBA projects are delivered on-time, on budget - scope is developed through joint client/consultant sessions, and managed to jointly developed deliverables and milestone dates.