Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

JBA Business Intelligence Business Intelligence promotes consistent, timely and high-quality information to enable improved decision making and strategic planning. As organizations implement enterprise class transaction systems, Business Intelligence becomes even more critical in achieving corporate transparency.

  • Business Intelligence includes ad-hoc queries, operational reporting, multi-dimensional analysis, predictive analytics, and data mining.
  • Business Intelligence is a component of Business Performance Management, which also includes Business Monitoring and Business Planning. Today, most organizations utilize multiple vendors to provide their BI solutions, hindering their ability to achieve true economies of scale while increasing development, training and support costs.

JBA's Business Intelligence Offerings - 360kb pdf

JBA Business Intelligence


  • JBA brings a wealth of experience - our BI professional staff is accomplished in strategy, design, execution and delivery of all BI functionality.
  • JBA is tool agnostic - tool standardization based on empirical, unbiased analysis is the critical path that must be set prior to framework build out.
  • JBA projects are delivered on-time, on budget - scope is developed through joint client/consultant sessions, and managed to jointly developed deliverable and milestone dates.
  • JBA has a balanced blend of onshore and offshore resources - this means the delivery of business intelligence functionality is performed using the right resources matched to the right tasks, optimizing the efficient execution of all BI projects.