Application Support

Application Support

Our structured methodology for taking up application support relies on careful planning to ensure all the required knowledge is in place before the hand-over to the support team is completed.

By following a carefully constructed phased hand-over, progression from one phase to the next is dependent on support milestones being achieved and technical targets reached. This enables us to ensure that the take-up of support offshore is seamless and problem free.

The Application Maintenance Life Cycle undertaken by JBA normally evolves in 3 stages:

Stage I. Initial Assessment & Planning (Due Diligence) Application Support

  • Initial Orientation & Project Planning
  • Infrastructure Analysis
  • Detailed Project / Product Study
  • Existing documentation Review
  • Prepare Transition & Knowledge transfer Plans
  • Agree Service Levels with Business Systems Owners

Stage II. Knowledge Transfer & Transition Phase

  • Knowledge transfer including Application & Code drill-down
  • Transition Plan implementation
  • Secondary Support (Shadow support)

Stage III. Steady State

  • Primary Support - Onshore
  • Primary Support - Offshore