Application Maintenance

Application Maintenance

Application MaintenanceJBA’s Application Maintenance and Support solution delivers high levels of user productivity and minimizes user downtime. Our model also is designed to help large organizations to maximize their IT budget from business to critical investments made in the past.

A Forrester report states that large enterprises spend an average 73% of their IT budget on application maintenance. Clearly, efficient application management presents the most potential for cost savings in global enterprises.

IT departments of large enterprises can leverage our expertise in a range of technical skills, deep domain understanding as well as proven track record to:

  • Ensure improved quality and consistent services levels
  • Improve end user customer satisfaction
  • Increase bandwidth to focus on strategic IT initiatives
  • Improving the stability of their legacy applications
  • Reduce total cost of ownership

JBA customizes each support solution to meet the specific needs of our clients? computing environments and end-user applications. We provide a combination of Tier 1, Tier 2, and Tier 3 support services for a wide suite of Internet and distributed software applications.

JBA supports applications developed internally or acquired externally, delivering both application stabilization and ongoing enhancements. We provide maximum value by leveraging our experience with development methodologies and IT best practices to identify additional efficiencies and savings.

The types of applications supported by JBA are diverse in size, industry as well as technologies. They range from small Microsoft applications developed in Access, Excel & Visual Basic through to browser based clients linking to complex multi-tier J2EE and .NET architectures.

JBA can provide support to both developments, whether carried out by ourselves or other 3rd parties, as well as packages and tools.

For the take on of applications developed by 3rd parties we have established procedures for:

  • Knowledge acquisition
  • Auditing and
  • The transitioning of the application into our support environment.

This ensures that a stable baseline is obtained and maintained under configuration control, as this will is a key element in providing successful support service. A managed application support service can be viewed as an insurance against the risk of negative impact on the business should an application experience a problem.

Direct Access to Support Specialists

With our services you are provided with direct access to support specialists with the knowledge and skills to solve problems when they arise. Our flexible approach to the commercial arrangements allows us to tailor our services to meet the needs of the client and whilst providing insurance and service they require. Nobody likes to pay for something that is not used therefore we can apply a range of packages that may allow you to divert this time into enhancement or development work instead, or discounting future support therefore removing the risk of paying for a service that is not required.