Analytical CRM

Analytical CRM

CRMThe purpose of analytical Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is to explore customer data for designing marketing campaigns, customer acquisition and retention, analyzing customer behavior, and analyzing customer profitability for new product development and pricing.

Analytical CRM uses techniques such as data mining, predictive analytics, and statistical modeling to find customer trends and behavior for effective management decisions and forecasting.

A good analytical CRM strategy depends on business processes, data sources, availability of data, and data quality. In addition, measures are used to improve data quality or carry out needed data cleaning techniques. This helps to extract quality data for effective analysis as analytical CRM depends mainly on the data quality.

Ongoing analytical CRM will ensure effective collection and storage of customer data and utilization of data for critical business decisions.

In order to meet business and marketing objectives, predictive analysis techniques are applied to customer data. Techniques such as multiple linear regression and logistic regression models are used to analyze the relationship between customer behavior and the business objective. In such models, the predictive effectiveness of the variables will be assessed.

In addition, other statistical models and techniques such as time-series, event analysis, decision tree modeling, cluster analysis, multivariate analysis, factor and discriminant analysis will be utilized depending on the nature and quality of data availability.

analytical CRM


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